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Our company's goal is to help our clients answer difficult analytical questions in a time-effective, cost-efficient manner...while producing actionable results that might address various financial, political, or public relations issues associated with your query.    

Established in 2000, we have over a decade of experience working with professional and amateur sports and tourism professionals on events ranging from Super Bowls, Final Fours, and Ryder Cups to local cultural events, youth sports tournaments, and classic car shows.  Our services can be broken down into 6 primary categories:  Our services can be categorized into 6 major areas of analysis:

- Economic Impact Analysis of an Event, Team, Facility, Program
- Market Research of Consumer Spending and Fan Experiences
- Consumer Awareness of Event Sponsors and Marketing Methods
- Economic Assessments in Support of Litigation
- Media Value Analysis for an Event, Team, Facility, Program
- Revenue Management and Pricing Efficiency

Our President, Dr. Patrick Rishe, is an Associate Professor of Economics at Webster University in St. Louis, a regular contributor to the Sports Business section of Forbes.com, and designer of the NASC's economic impact template.
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