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01/29/14  Can St Louis Support MLS Soccer? (NPR)
01/13/14  The Financial Fallout of A-Rod Suspension Upheld (Fox Sports)
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08/27/12  Dodgers Blockbuster Player Signings (Fox Sports Radio)
07/03/12  New College Football Playoff System (Yahoo Sports Radio)

                 Television / Webcast
04/30/14   Donald Sterling vs NBA                        (CNBC's "Squawk Box")
04/08/14   San Jose vs MLB                                     (FoxBusiness)
03/20/14   Economics of March Madness             (FoxBusiness)
01/31/14   Why the Econ Impact of Super Bowl Gets Inflated (Bloomberg)
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08/30/13   $765 Million Settlement of NFL Concussion Lawsuit (CNBC)
09/01/12     The Return of Penn State Football       (CBS Evening News)

04/7/14   UConn Winning Men's/Women's Titles        (CNBC)
03/7/14   Wichita State Using Wins to Boost Dollars   (CNBC)
01/31/14  Will Rams Move to L.A.?  (KSDK St Louis)
01/17/14  Assessing the Expense of 2014 Sochi Games (CNN)
01/14/14  Seattle Seahawks Strategic Tix Allocation (Marketplace)
02/03/13  Super Bowl Blackout at Superdome (NY Times)
01/07/13  Evaluating the NHL Labor Settlement (L.A. Times)
05/04/12  Public Financing of Sports Facilities (Atlanta Jo Const)
01/27/12  Indianapolis a Great Super Bowl Host (USA Today)



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