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                 Television / Webcast
06/21/21  The Gamification of Sports                                              (CNBC)
06/01/21  MLB Joins the NFT Craze                                                (CNBC)
04/20.21  Branding and the Attempted Europe Super League  (CNBC Asia)
08/27/20  NBA Players Solidarity after Blake Shooting  (CNBC "SquawkBox")
07/28/20  MLB Issues between Owners/Union                              (CNBC)
07/10/20  How College Sports Come Back after Covid  (CNBC "SquawkBox")
05/03/20  The Economic Impact on Sports from Covid                (ESPN)
03/13/20  Assessing Covid's Impact on Sports                (CNBC "SquawkBox")
10/15/19  The Surge in NFL Ratings                                 (CNBC "SquawkBox")
08/19/19  MLS Impact on St. Louis                                                  (KSDK STL)
09/04/18  Nike's Shares after Kaepernick Commercial                 (CNBC)
01/29/18  Super Bowl Advertising Revenue                               (Fox Business)
08/19/16  The Ryan Lochte / Rio Mess: Lost Endorsements     (Fox Business)
02/27/16   FIFA Under New Leadership: How to Move Forward             (CCTV America)
02/05/16   Cam Newton's Endorsement Potential                          (CNN)
02/01/16   Assessing the Economic Impact of Super Bowls    (Bloomberg TV)
09/01/15   Serena Williams Endorsements and Grand Slam Run (CNN)
07/21/15   Sponsors Score Well at 2015 British Open                      (CNN)
07/10/16   U.S. Women's Soccer Capitalizing on World Title   (FoxBusiness)
05/27/15   Sponsors Could Impact FIFA's Reforms                  (Bloomberg TV)  
05/18/15   Finding Value in NFL Draft's Later Rounds  (CNBC's Squawk Box)
04/21/15   Jordan Spieth and Under Armour                  (CNBC's Squawk Box)
11/20/14   Legalization of Sports Betting                         (CNBC's Squawk Box)
08/22/14   Understanding NFL Franchise Valuations             (NFL Network)
05/30/14   Can Ballmer Make Money w/$2B Clippers Tag?      (Bloomberg)
                           Radio and Print

09/30/21  NBA's Tactics with Unvaccinated Players                 (CNBC)
08/28/21  How Teams are Welcoming Back Fans       (Associated Press)
08/13/21  Student-Athletes Gain Under NIL           (Marketplace Radio)
07/28/21  Tokyo's Olympics Ratings                 (Washington Examiner)
08/27/20  College Football's Intersection of Risk v Profit   (NBC News)
07/22/20  Adverse Financial Effect of Conference-Only Games              (CBS News)
07/01/21  How MLB is Recovering from Pandemic                  (Reuters)
08/11/20  Consequences for Big Ten, Pac 12 to Cancel FB            (Marketwatch)
05/01/20  The Economic Losses associated with Covid            (ESPN)
03/11/19  How Legalized Gambling Impacts  Sports Media                 (L.A. Times)
​01/10/19  Why the NBA Won't Return to St. Louis           (KMOX-STL)  ​09/16/16  Adverse Sports Tourism Impact of NC Bathroom Law   (Yahoo Finance)
​01/13/16  How Rams Owner Beat Old Guard in L.A. Move         (CNN Money)
05/15/15  Why NFL Players Have Less Endorsement Appeal (CNBC)
08/11/14  NCAA Loses Ed O'Bannon Case...What Next?         (CNBC)
03/7/14   Wichita State Using Wins to Boost Dollars                 (CNBC)
01/17/14  Assessing the Expense of 2014 Sochi Games              (CNN)
02/03/13  Super Bowl Blackout at Superdome                       (NY Times)
01/07/13  Evaluating the NHL Labor Settlement                  (L.A. Times)
01/27/12  Indianapolis a Great Super Bowl Host                (USA Today)


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