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At Sportsimpacts, we specialize in market research analytics for various professional and amateur sporting events, teams/programs, and leagues. We strive to help our clients acquire strategic information that will benefit their financial, political, or public relations goals with:
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  • Market Research Analysis
  • Economic Impact Assessment
  • Revenue Management
  • Media Analysis
Key Performance Measurements
Sportsimpacts offers a large number of services to help you satisfy your marketing needs. We strive to help your sporting event achieve its full potential by analyzing: 
* Consumer Spending Patterns
*  Point of Origin Data
*  Sponsor Recognition
*  Efficacy of Marketing Options
*  Media Value of Event/Program
​*  Project Feasibility Assessments 
"Sportsimpacts understands how to obtain information, assimilate the data into meaningful results, and then communicate those results in a straight-forward fashion.  Our members have found their research both highly useful and highly actionable.
-D Schumacher
President, National Association of Sports Commissions

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* Efficacy of Ticket Pricing
* Fan Experience Feedback
* Efficacy of Facility Operations
* Net Economic Impact
* Economic Damages
* Attendance Forecasting
Survey design, data collection, targeted analytics

Research implementation, strategic risk management

Dynamic media interaction, public relations management, expert witness testimony

Because sports impact communities and your bottom line